How do we print?

screen printing with high quality color

Screen printing is an expensive way to add prints on clothes. Special about it is, that you can only print in one color. We prefer to print in white on black, blue, green and red shirts and on hoodies (usually black, if you want another color just text us!) 
Our color is water based and environmentally friendly.

How to order a piece of cloth 


Contact us

Simply write us an e-mail and tell us which print you would like to have.

The Information we need

Don´t forget to tell us your Size (S,M,L,XL,XXL) and whether you would like to have a T-shirt or a Hoodie and the color you want to have. (Color options at the button)

We´re Printing your new Favourite and deliver it to you 

We will try our best to get your order ready as soon as possible :)
Shipping worldwide!


Prices and Discounts!

all of our T-shirts cost 15€, Hoodies are 30€. If you choose to have both sides printed T-shirts cost 25€ and Hoodies are about 40€. Depending on if you choose to buy more than one Shirt you can receive a discount.

1 Shirt   = 15€
2 Shirts = 14€ each
4 Shirts = 13€ each
6 Shirts = 12€ each

If you buy something for 100€ you´ll get one Shirt for free and if you buy something for 250€ you´ll get additionally a Hoodie for free. 

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