Rostige Nadel 

If we would have to use only 3 words to describe our business, it would be diversity, creativity and love.

Rostige Nadel offers you our creative art-prints, self-build rare lamps and furniture (Made with love!) as well as the opportunity to get the tattoo you´ve always wanted to have! Our business "Fashion for queers" is all about printing and designing clothes for everyone. 

Tattoo Studio

Our Tattoo-studio is located in Berlin, Germany. Contact us with your wish for a tattoo or let us advise you so we can find the best option for you.  
Take a peek in our gallery or on our social media pages to feel inspired!


Our Shop

Industrial Art

New gears out of old stuff! - That´s the vibe under which we create our products. Looks super cool and is unique: Furniture, Lamps and more in the industrial style. 

T-shirts and Fashion

over 100 Prints available for Hoodies and T-shirts in different colors. All made with screen printing and high quality water based color which is tested.


Limited and selfdrawn Art-prints in 16 different designs to add some magic to your walls. 

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