About us

We´re a queer Tattoo studio located in Berlin, Germany.
A save place for queer people and friends.

Rostige Nadel

Rostige Nadel was founded in march in 2015. Soon after we opened a Tattoo Studio and also sold our first self printed T-shirts. Since today we haven´t specialized Rostige Nadel in one thing, which is why we make tattoos, sell art-prints and clothes. Our newest project is called industrial art, where we build new furniture from old stuff. Every item is handmade and unique, so it´s definitely worth it.

We try our best to make our customers feel good. That´s why you can bring your own music, read comics and watch movies in the studio. We take our time to make your tattoo exactly how you want it to look like. 

The art-prints have been drawn by Mave. All of them are limited to 50 pieces.

Our T-shirts and Hoodies are printed with high quality color. If you want to have more information about the printing check this link

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For a better tomorrow!

Since many years Rostige Nadel is taking part in many different topics. We´re printing t-shirts, collecting money for a good cause and we organise solidarity events.

We´re paying attention to who needs help most at the moment. A lot of people know us because of the soli tattooing events for sea rescue or other projects like oceans cleanup and many more, which we were supporting in the last years.


Tattoo-Artist and founder from Rostige Nadel

Mave Anderson 

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