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general: @rostige_nadel_tattoo_art
artprints: @artprints_rostigenadel
T-shirts: @fashion_for_queers
industrial art: @lamps_factory


We´re trying our best to answer your E-mails as fast as possible. If you want to order any printed clothes make sure to give us all the needed information

Frequently asked questions

  • What sizes does fashion for queers offer?
    Currently we offer S, M, L, XL and XXL. If our business keeps growing we will offer more sizes in the future.
  • What about (other) colors? 
    We offer a lot of different colors and we´re planning to add even more in the future. On this link we added the colors that we offer for now.
  • If I buy more than one shirt, will I be getting a discount?
    Depending on how much Hoodies and T-shirts you order we will give you a discount. Click here to view our discount list
  • Are the T-shirts and Hoodies vegan and fair trade?                         
    Our Shirts and Hoodies are all vegan, as well as our color. If you would like to buy fair trade items just tell us as you contact us. It will cost a little more. 

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